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Not just an Aussie.

Wallaby can be found in both the North and South Islands of NZ and are fair game to hunt. Kawau Island is home to very large numbers of different species of Wallaby and are considered a pest. There is also a large population of Tammar Wallaby around the beautiful lake Tarawera area. In the South Island, they are predominantly found in South Canterbury where the red neck Bennett’s Wallaby live.

Wallaby skins are relatively easy to preserve due to their small size, so both salting and freezing are applicable methods. Once tanned they are extremely soft and the fur can be compared to the softness of a possum. Keeping the tail on adds to the unique stingray shape and creates a real talking point. Removing of the tale which can be done easily after tanning can lead to the skin fitting perfectly as a seat cover.

At only $23 per skin, they are extremely cheap to tan and are a great way to preserve a trophy skin. Also it’s a cheap easy way to add a unique talking point to your home, makes an intriguing gift or is just something a little bit different.

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