• We only accept FROZEN skins Monday - Thursday between 7am and 2pm. Please don't courier skins to arrive on Friday or the weekend.

  • Ensure you have prepared your skin correctly as mentioned on our preparation page.

  • If sending in a chilly bin or polystyrene bin, please remember to pick up or note if you would like it returned or not.

  • If you wish, fill out the contact form so we know to expect your skin.

  • Download the contact information form to fill out and add with your skin for delivery. If you cannot print this form click below.

  • Ensure your skin is well wrapped. Please double bag, especially if frozen and stuff with newspaper. Attach contact information in a separate bag. Zip lock bags are good for this.

Deliver skins to:

Classic Sheepskins,

Attn: Custom Tanning

22 Thames St,


Napier 4110

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