• Fresh and Salted Skins can be dropped off between 7am and 2pm Monday - Friday.

  • We only accept FROZEN skins Monday - Thursday between 7am and 2pm. Please don't courier skins to arrive on Friday or the weekend.

  • When dropping off skins please take them down the driveway opposite the shop and next to the creek. If no one is there to help you please visit the shop and they will contact someone for you. Please do not enter the tannery unaccompanied.

  • Ensure you have prepared your skin correctly as mentioned on our preparation page.

  • If sending in a chilly bin or polystyrene bin, please remember to pick up or note if you would like it returned or not.

  • If you wish, fill out the contact form so we know to expect your skin.

  • Download the contact information form to fill out and add with your skin for delivery. If you cannot print this form click below.

  • Ensure your skin is well wrapped. Please double bag, especially if frozen and stuff with newspaper. Attach contact information in a separate bag. Zip lock bags are good for this.

Deliver skins to:

Classic Sheepskins,

Attn: Custom Tanning

22 Thames St,


Napier 4110

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