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Please firstly read about skin selection and skinning, this will result in us being able to provide you with a better product.

Sending a skin: If you are unable to deliver the skin to us straight away you will need to preserve it then have it sent to us. Smaller skins such as deer, goat and sheepskin are much lighter and can be couriered to us. Please ensure the skins are well wrapped and sealed. If a skin is to leak in a courier van this is not our responsibility and you may be liable for damages. For any heavier skins (cow hides) our overall recommendation is to send the skins to us on a trucking company. Once again please ensure skins are well wrapped and that they are sent earlier in the week as we do not accept frozen skins on Fridays. Please print out this form and include it with your skin. If you are unable to print, please include all your details plus signed acceptance of this disclaimer.

“I accept all risks and conditions of Classic NZ custom tanning service”


It is also good to fill out this contact form once the skin has been sent.

Once we receive the skin we will defrost (if required) and inspect the skin. If there are no problems the skin will begin the tanning process.

At times we may reject skins due to wool length or skin thickness. This is due to difficulties with tanning resulting in an inferior product. Any wool length over 3 inches (70mm) might be rejected at our discretion.

Sheepskins - can be processed with our normal production so generally take 10-12 weeks to process.

Deer/Goat Skins and Cattle Hides – We need to create a separate batch for these as they can not be processed with our standard sheepskin production.  Processing takes approximately 10-12 weeks once the batch is started.  Start date relies on when we can create a full production batch and that can vary anywhere between 3-6 weeks. Please bear in mind that your skin may not start the process as soon as we receive it.

Once the skin is finished the process we will send you an invoice. This indicates your skin is ready for collection/delivery. If you are not local the invoice will include a return freight price, as skins are a lot lighter once tanned this is normally cheaper than the price paid to send it to us. If you would like to pick the skin up, please pay instore or do not pay the freight price. Payment can be made by direct debit or if you wish you can call us with a credit card number which we will process over the phone. Please quote your name and invoice number when paying online. Once we have received payment we will send out your skin. They normally arrive within 1-2days depending on your location, if we receive payment on Fridays we generally hold skins until Monday for posting.

Due to the nature of the tanning process and the raw material there is a small chance of damage. This can be caused by machinery, poor preparation or weak spots in the skin which can be caused by any number of factors. If damage is to happen we will discount the skin accordingly. If the damage is due to poor preparation you may still be liable to pay the full price. As any butchery holes, nicks or flays will open up during the process we may patch hides to provide a better looking finished product. We also trim skins after the process to clean up messy edges and enhance the shape, if you would not like your skin trimmed please let us know at the time of drop off.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to call us: 06-835-9662

For more information on Classic NZ please view our piece from the TV show Rural Delivery. Click here to view on Youtube.

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