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Cattle Hides
Medium & Large (1.4 - 2.0m)
XLarge, Longhair & All highland (2.0 - 2.4m)
XXLarge & Buffalo (2.4m +) 

(Priced On Inspection)
General Sheepskins
Extra Long Wool (At Customers Risk)
Deer Skins
Small (Less than 100cm long)
Medium (Between 100cm and 120cm)​
Large (120cm and over)
(Priced On Inspection)
Calf Skins
Small (Less than 100cm long)
Medium (Between 100cm and 130cm)
(Priced On Inspection)

Hare, Rabbit, Possum & Wallaby
Tahr - Nanny

We no longer tan Alpaca & Bull Tahr

Please note we have changed the payment terms for our commission tanning service. Shortly after receipt of skin we will be issuing an invoice for payment before tanning starts. This is to manage the lead time of tanning better and the upfront costs which we bear to complete this service.


Classic NZ reserves the right to change and amend all prices at any time. Prices may vary due to seasons. Classic NZ staff has final say on the grading and price of each skin. Once skins are received, they will be graded, if suitable they will begin the tanning process with the next available batch.

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