Tanning Prices



Price List April 2020

All prices include GST

Cow Hide - Short Hair - Medium & Large - Approx 1.4m – 2.0m


Cow Hide - Short Hair XLarge, Longhair & All Highland - Approx 2.0m – 2.4m


Cow Hide XXL and all Buffalo - 2.4m+



$60.00 - Please add $40 for extra long wool

Sheepskin - Over 10 Skins


Hare - Rabbit - Possum - Wallaby


Deerskin - Small (less than 100cm long)


Deerskin - Medium (Between 100cm and 120cm)


Deerskin - Large (120cm and over)




Tahr – Nanny


Tahr – Bull

We are no longer tanning Bull Tahr




We are no longer tanning Alpaca

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Classic NZ reserves the right to change and amend all prices at any time. Prices may vary due to seasons and skin loads. Classic Sheepskin staff has final say on the grading and price of each skin. Prices may be discounted if the skin becomes damaged due to the tanning process.
Once skins are received they will be graded, if suitable they will begin the tanning process with the next available batch. Please see our home page for current tanning lead times. A skin can wait 3+ weeks for the next batch. When the process is complete you will be invoiced. After full payment is received, the skin will be couriered to you or will be available for pick up. You can also pick up and pay in-store.  
We will only hold hides for 1 month after completion. If they are not paid for or picked up within this period they will be resold. We offer financing options, please contact us for more information.

At times we may reject skins due to wool length or skin thickness. This is due to difficulties with tanning resulting in an inferior product. Any wool length over 3 inches (70mm) might be rejected at our discretion.