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Not just a custom tanning service!

As well as its custom tanning service Classic Sheepskins sells a huge range of sheepskin and hair on hide products. With years of tanning and manufacturing experience we take pride in selling high quality New Zealand made products. This includes a huge range of footwear lines, with slippers and boots for the whole family. Our infant care rugs are one of our biggest selling items. These are specially sanitised lamb skin rug, ensuring safety for babies. Easily cleanable and calming effects make these the perfect gift for new parents.

Cow hides and calf skin is also highly utilised, taking advantage of the individual unique patterns. Our calf skin cushions have been featured by Big Save Furniture and adding calf skin to our sheepskin slippers leaves the designing up to Mother Nature. This adds a piece that no one else can replicate.

Our retail website is fully secure and we ship most items same day, leading to a super fast delivery. As well as rugs and footwear there is also medical and motoring accessories as well as a full line of equine products.

Calf Skin Cushions

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