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Crafted by nature.

Classic New Zealand

Customer Tanning Service

Classic New Zealand is a NZ owned and operated tannery established in 1969. Over 50 years of tanning experience ensuring the highest quality.


What should be looked for when deciding to tan any type of animal skin.

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Animal Skin Tanning.

Classic NZ specialises in the tanning and manufacturing of sheepskins. Throughout many years of experience this has evolved to all areas of animal skin tanning. We happily take skins from anywhere in New Zealand and courier them back to you.

The biggest evolution is our ability to tan and process Cow Hides. Our machinery and large processing power allows us to do bulk loads keeping the price down for you our customers. Cow Hides make a great feature piece for any home or a stunning unique gift.

With the large range of New Zealand farm and game animals Classic Sheepskins is now regularly tanning large amounts of all animal skins available in NZ. This includes; goat, deer, hare, possum, rabbit and wallaby. With the correct preparation trophy skins are becoming one of our more popular items. Deer skins; especially red deer and fallow deer tan brilliantly and are a great way to show off an impressive trophy. More easily obtained goat skins have a wide range of colours and are also popular especially with young hunters.


Have a read through about what needs to be done to get a skin tanned, and if you have any further questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

Current Tanning Times









The tanning times are based on working weeks once the skin starts the process.

Skins can wait up to 4 weeks to start the process.


Drop Offs Accepted Monday to Thursday 7am -2pm


Classic New Zealand

Customer Tanning Service
A: 22 Thames St, Napier, New Zealand
P: 06-835-9662

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